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Stop Struggling with Making Sales on WhatsApp

Discover the methods sales experts are using to rake in massive sales through WhatsApp. They will get angry with me for revealing these things to the public.

Are you trying all your best to sell on WhatsApp but you are getting few sales to no sales at all?

Every morning, you wake up and post your products on WhatsApp but people are not buying? They just view your status and pass.

From morning to evening, no single person buys from you and you have bills to pay at the end of the month. You even tried to buy contacts but the contacts you bought are other sellers also trying to sell something.

Your WhatsApp sales problem is about to end.

You are about to discover the proven methods that will give you massive sales on WhatsApp. There is no secret to selling on WhatsApp, you just do not know how to.

Now you may be asking who this guy is and how can he claim to solve my problem with selling on WhatsApp?

My name is Chris. Akuneme. I am an entrepreneur, digital marketer and teacher. I have run a few successful businesses in Nigeria.

My company GrowthPal Educational Services LTD has helped a lot of Nigerians to gain admission into various tertiary institutions in Lagos state through the helpful tips we share on our blog and the services we render offline.

We have about 50,000 people who read our blogs monthly and have served over 4,000 customers in our 7 years of operation.

Over my years of doing business, I have mastered the art of using WhatsApp to sell.

When I first heard about selling with WhatsApp, I was not comfortable with the idea. I was already getting customers from my blog and Nairaland. I thought it was enough. Lol.

As long as there are direct competitors with you who are still in business, your customers are never enough. 🙂

In 2017, I wanted to finance a business project and I needed lots of money to complete it. To finance this project, I had to get more customers than usual.

So I ran a Facebook advert for my business. In that advert, I directed people to my WhatsApp business account and pitched my service to them. I spent 13,000 Naira on the advert and made 210,000 Naira from 84 new customers.

The advert was profitable but I was not satisfied because I left a lot of customers unattended to. Questions like how much? and how can I pay? were popping in.

In November of 2020, I ran another advert on Facebook to my WhatsApp business account again. I spent ₦70,000 and made massive sales of ₦874,600 in 30 days. The whole sales process started and ended on WhatsApp.

What was the difference between the first advert and the second advert for me?

The difference was that this time around, I had mastered how to do some automation. I had apps helping me to respond to messages, I could save numbers in bulk, and I had a strategy that made customers that did not buy from me initially buy later on.

These contacts also became my customers for life. I could easily sell new products to them via my WhatsApp status since they already liked and trusted me.

The best part is that the methods I used did not only work for me.

I have friends and colleagues that are also into business and most of the time they complain about low sales. Most of them were not ready to spend money on adverts like me, so I showed them how to increase their audience and sell without spending money on ads.

The changes were instant and their sales improved.

See some testimonies below;


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As you can see, this strategy did not only work for me. It has worked for other people doing different kinds of businesses.

If this strategy worked for them, it will work for you too.

Even though my strategy works, I’m always on the lookout for new methods. I am always experimenting with something new. 

When I learn new techniques for WhatsApp marketing, I try them, and if it works, I update my knowledge. If it does not work, it becomes an experience and I gain more insights of what doesn’t work.

I have compiled all the method that works for me, my partners and my colleagues into one ebook titled “How to Sell on WhatsApp”.

How to sell on WhatsApp Ebook by Chris Akuneme

In this ebook, you will learn;

You are getting all these for just 3,250 Naira.

For this tiny amount, you will revamp your marketing on WhatsApp for life. If you try to figure out everything by yourself, you will be wasting precious time.

The best way to learn is to copy people that have already done what you are trying to do. You do not need to reinvent the wheel.

With the skill you will learn in this ebook, you can;

When you purchase this ebook, you get full support. You can ask questions of anything in the book that you do not understand and get a response from me.

If you try all the methods I teach in this ebook and it does not work for you, you can request a refund within 60 days after purchasing this ebook. That is how confident I am that my method works.

The only thing you have to do when requesting a refund is to show evidence that you tried the steps and it did not work for you.